IS4U Heroes #7 – Jeffrey Van Vyve

IS4U Hero

Greetings! I’m Jeffrey, the sales manager at the IS4U group. Today, I’d like to share a glimpse into my role, the incredible team I work with and my exciting journey at IS4U so far.

From call center to sales

My IS4U adventure started 2 years ago, but my overall career started at a young age. After my studies, I initially aspired to pursue a career in accounting. However, my path took an unexpected turn when Belgacom offered me a position at their call center.

Intrigued by the opportunity and considering it a foot in the door at Belgacom, I embraced the challenge of assisting customers with billing complaints in four different languages. Turns out I was pretty good at turning customers’ frowns upside down and (unintentionally) selling them something. I hit every target and surprised myself and others. An account manager contacted me and asked if there was any interest in sales. I thought: why not!

Two years ago, I spotted this opportunity at IS4U. Seizing the moment, I successfully navigated the interview process, ultimately deciding to transition from the telecommunications sector to the IT sector.

IS4U, here I am! I think our sector is very fascinating, the growth is unseen. I firmly believe that we genuinely create value for all our customers. Through thorough analyses, valuable advice, and unwavering support, we aim to reduce any concerns. Choosing to collaborate with us ensures top-notch quality, fostering a bond of trust and appreciation between you and your customers. This aspect not only makes the work enjoyable but also simplifies sales, as standing behind our products and services is not just a job requirement but a genuine conviction.

Tough for business, soft for people

When looking back at my career, I have one thing I’m very very proud of: maintaining the right balance between ‘the business’ and ‘the people’. I really try to be a people manager. Leading a team involves recognizing that unforeseen circumstances can impact individuals’ ability to give their full effort. Life is filled with rough patches, and acknowledging this reality is essential. Some team members may be operating at 80%, while others may need to step up to 120% during challenging times.

We’re people, not robots or machines. I think it’s important that everyone in the team understands that and that we have a certain level of empathy for each other. While business objectives are undeniably crucial, my guiding principle is clear: be tough for business, but soft for the people.

Additionally, I believe my professional journey provides a significant advantage in my current role. Starting from a call center, progressing to an account manager, and evolving into a solution specialist, I’ve walked in the same shoes as my team members. I’ve been in their position, faced the pressure of challenging phone calls with important customers, and experienced the difficulties firsthand. 

“When looking back at my career, I have one thing I’m very very proud of: maintaining the right balance between ‘the business’ and ‘the people’. I really try to be a people manager.”

– Jeffrey Van Vyve –

In my position, I make it a point to offer guidance and advice based on my own experiences. However, I understand that each team member must tailor this advice to their unique situations. Learning is an ongoing process, and I value the lessons gained from every experience and interaction with my team.

More than just a team

What makes us different? We’re a family. It might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s the truth. De IS4U Group has a very specific structure but that hasn’t stopped us from creating strong bonds. We’re very close, we help each other, we understand each other, we think together, we do together. It’s just a very warm group. Our guiding principle is simple yet powerful: “treat people like you would want to be treated.” 

This principle extends to how we interact with our customers, treating them with the same care and respect we would expect as customers ourselves. This also applies to coworkers, managers, … everyone.

Our strong bond is related to the fact that we try to do a lot of activities together. We already went on teambuilding to Tenerife last year, this year we went to Durbuy. Every month, I take my team to dinner and we sometimes grab a drink together. Even at events like the Saint Nicolas festival, where our team gathers with partners, there’s an unspoken understanding that goes beyond hierarchical roles.

In those moments, there’s no need to be guarded because the manager is present. No, we create our success together and part of being able to be as successful as we are, is because of our trust and empathy within the team.

Sales manager of the year? Team of the year!

Having a great team that’s on the same page means getting results. I recently had the honor to receive the Leadbox Sales Manager of the Year (East Flanders) award, which I’m very proud of. However, it reflects the success and the hard work of the team. It’s not my award, it’s the award of the team. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has voted for me!

Looking at the future, I immediately think of ‘growth’. In 5 years, I hope we have doubled our number of team members at IS4U. The likelihood of this becoming a reality is very high. The security sector is moving and growing, very fast. Despite this growth, I firmly believe in our individual responsibility to offer the right advice to our customers. We are not just an ordinary team aiming to sell as many services as possible; our priority is creating genuine value for the customer. 

Our focus is on guiding them towards the services that align with their needs, fostering their growth alongside ours. As for me, I hope I’m still here 5 years for now, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with IS4U in the future. One thing is certain, the best is yet to come!

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