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This cookie policy regulates the use of cookies and similar technologies as part of your use of our Website and the accompanying services.


Cookies are small text files that are filed on the hard drive of a device and that contain certain information, which sometimes includes personal data. When you use our Website and/or Services, we then also collect and process other personal information by way of cookies and similar technologies.


By clicking “Accept” after you have been notified of the use of cookies and similar technologies, you acknowledge that you have carefully read this Cookie Policy and that you unreservedly agree with it. As explained in this Cookie Policy, you can change your cookie preferences at all times.



When you visit and/or use our website, we place cookies or use similar technologies with which we collect and process personal data about you. Such cookies and similar technologies include:

Necessary functional cookies:

These are cookies that are necessary because you can use the IS4U website as foreseen. These cookies are used, among other things, to: remember information that you enter on the various pages so that you do not have to re-enter all your data or preferences each time, check your browser settings so that our website is optimally displayed on your screen, make it possible to respond to our website, etc. If you refuse these cookies, certain parts of our website will not function or will not function optimally.

Performance and analysis cookies:

These are used to collect general information about how visitors use our website. Statistical analysis can be made based on this information. These statistics give IS4U an overview of how often a particular webpage is visited, where visitors spend the most time, etc. Tools that are used for this include Hotjar and Google Analytics. This allows us to make the navigation and content of our website as user-friendly as possible and generally improve it.

Marketing cookies:

We use cookies to make advertisements more attractive to users. Some common uses of these cookies are selecting advertisements based on what is relevant to a user, improving reporting on campaign performance, and preventing advertisements from being shown to the user. The Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag are examples of marketing cookies that we use.

We will not sell this cookie data to anyone. If you do not want our cookies or those of third parties to be used during your visit, we recommend that you disable the cookie function in your browser. However, if you decide not to accept these cookies, the website may not function optimally.

2. No cookies?

You can prevent cookies from being stored or remove cookies already stored by adjusting the settings in your browser. You find help to adjust these settings on the website of the browser that you use. Remember that disabling cookies when visiting the Website may cause some or all of the functions of the Website not to work properly.

3. A complaint?

If you have a complaint regarding our processing of your personal data, you can always contact us at the following email address If you are still not satisfied with our answer, then you are at liberty to file a complaint with the competent data protection authority, the Belgian Data Protection Authority. For more information, go to