Identity Management

Manage the life cycle of digital identities in your organization


Identity management (IDM) provides a central point to manage each user account, the identity, their access to systems and the appropriate rights on these systems and data. The identity management system defines the rights and rules for obtaining access to systems and data. As such, the identity management system is the authoritative source for these rights and rules and provides the single point of truth for these rights and rules. As a result, the identity management system provides a central overview of what rights have been attributed to whom and why, making it the most valuable source of information when it comes to audits, compliance and security.

Identity management creates for each user a digital identity within the environment and establishes the rights that digital identity has on all (connected) components within that environment. Identity management features typically are:

  • Central source of information on identities and their entitlements
  • Management of identity life cycle
  • Data synchronization and provisioning
  • Self service
  • Password management
  • Delegated administration and Delegation

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