IS4U Heroes #1 – Jonathan Gheysens

Hey! I’m Jonathan and I’ve been a part of the IS4U Group for over 8 years. My career evolved from being an intern to team leader and now I’m managing my own company together with my partner in crime, Yannick Peeters. Here’s how it all started: IT’s rewind time In 2014 I was going through […]

CyberHealth 2022 – Cyber Insurance – Rewatch

CyberHealth 2022 presents: Cyber Insurance. Rewatch the presentations here.

CyberHealth is a digital event focused on the health of the cybersecurity posture of your organization. This edition we focus on the topic “Cyber Insurance”.

“Cyber Insurance” covers your organization’s liability for data breaches involving sensitive information like customer data, credit cards numbers, healthcare records, …

Join us at the third edition of CyberHealth and discover how to minimalize the liability for your company.

What to expect?

On the 24th of November 2022, our experts in various cybersecurity fields will showcase demo’s, reveal use/client cases, share their personal experience and inspiring insights!