Top reasons to start with IAM

IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT AND WHY YOU SHOULD CARE! The goal of IAM (identity and access management) is to make sure every digital identity in an enterprise has access to the needed resources, like systems, applications, files and networks. In this way sensitive business data and systems are protected as only the authorized identities have […]

The importance of Single Sign-On in the healthcare

Being a member of a clinical staff means providing the best possible service to patients. Losing time by logging in multiple times, trying to remember your username or typing a long password incorrectly is time that is better invested in patient care. The number of websites, applications and devices to which an average person has […]

CIAM vs Formula 1

CIAM TO SURVIVE, THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN CIAM AND F1 Question: Can you imagine a digital-first strategy without knowing who your consumer is? Neither do I. A good first impression thrives business. A Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) tooling does just that! 🏎️ CIAM enables progressive registration 🏎️ CIAM ensures a seamless yet secure experience […]

IAM – the cornerstone of digital transformation

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Remember the compact disc (CD)? I do. I must have been about 11 years old, when I won my first Hi-Fi stereo system in a local newspaper contest. It featured a CD player where you could see the shiny disc spinning through a window. My family didn’t have any CDs in yet, so […]

UZ Brussel

HOW IS4U STREAMLINED AND SECURED THE REGISTRATION FOR UZ BRUSSEL’S PRIMUZ PATIENT PORTAL To give patients access to their own patient data about upcoming or past consultations, information concerning medication or vaccination, and so on, UZ Brussel developed the PrimUZ patient portal. UZ Brussel and its partner hospitals wanted to guarantee a smooth, secure and […]

IAM – The center of your Information Security

IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT IN YOUR SECURITY LANDSCAPE DIGITAL IDENTITY IS THE NEW PERIMETER Weak and mismanaged credentials are the reason of a lot of security breaches. According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DRIR), 80% of breaches are attributed to weak and mismanaged credentials. Correctly managing credential information like passwords, usernames, email addresses, workflows, […]

Cyberhealth 2022 – Security Visibility

CyberHealth is a digital event focused on the health of the cybersecurity posture of your organization. This edition we focused on the topic “security visibility”.  Security visibility can be defined as the ability to create a clear and unobstructed view into the security set-up of an operation, where important and relevant information can be consulted and, as […]


FASTER, CHEAPER, INNOVATIVE AND FLEXIBLE ICT SOLUTIONS THAT ENABLE PERSONALIZED E-SERVICES… A unique city also wants to be the best in the digital world. That is why Antwerp relies on the people of Digipolis for their ICT services. Digipolis develops software, implements hardware, networks and telephony infrastructures. In addition, they guide their colleagues at Antwerp […]

Cyberhealth 2021

CyberHealth 2021 – An enriching morning where our experts and partners share personal experiences and inspiring insights from healthcare organizations that are at the forefront of their digital transformation. Be inspired by use cases from clients such as UZ Brussel, Insights from our partners  Imprivata, Thycotic, Usercube, Microsoft & Keycloak and compelling insights from our IAM experts. All […]


“IS4U WAS SELECTED BY SCIENSANO TO WORK OUT THE ANALYSIS, ARCHITECTURE AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPLETE ACCESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION.” Sciensano is a federal research institute and the national public health institute of Belgium. Sciensano employs more than 700 people who commit themselves, every day, to achieve their motto: “Healthy all life long”. Sciensano can count […]