3 takeaways from Delinea’s Unlocked 2023 in Madrid

In May 2023, our IS4U team had the honor to receive an award from Delinea during “Delinea Unlocked”, their partner event in Madrid, Spain. Jeffrey Van Vyve and Richard den Houdijker had the pleasure to represent the IS4U group and participated in the 3-day talks and festivities.  In the following article you can discover: What they did […]

IS4U Heroes #5 – Jochen Kerremans

Hello there! I am Jochen Kerremans, a 27-year-old security consultant. I am part of the IS4U group for almost 5 years now and it has been a blast so far! Allow me to provide further insights into my journey at ActWise.

CyberHealth 2022 – Cyber Insurance – Expert Talks

The CyberHealth Expert talks During the last edition of CyberHealth (Cyber Insurance) we asked 8 cyber security experts in the field some hot topic questions. Curious about what they had to say?  Discover their insights below: https://youtu.be/6FG5avw3ft4https://youtu.be/jjgjhat74cghttps://youtu.be/FkYf3–cv9Qhttps://youtu.be/OKxujLMVL4Qhttps://youtu.be/PMGL-z953pEhttps://youtu.be/WVBCEI9rKTchttps://youtu.be/pd-0VH8_6WAhttps://youtu.be/A_Vz5Nf82Zs Rewatch the previous editions:

IS4U Heroes #4 – Jahirt Ruiz

Hello! My name is Jahirt Ruiz, I’m a Venezuelan from 34 years old, now working at Orlox (a subsidiary of IS4U). I’m currently a Cybersecurity specialist and turned my whole life upside down for this new challenge in Belgium. Allow me to tell you something about my crazy journey. Hola, Venezuela! Originally, I was born […]

Why Cloud Identity Risks Require a Different Approach

In today’s increasingly digital world, cloud-based technologies are becoming more and more prevalent in businesses of all sizes. With this rise in cloud adoption comes the need for effective identity and access management to ensure secure data access and prevent data breaches. However, the unique challenges posed by cloud identity risks require a different approach […]

5 Reasons Why IT Managers Deserve a Medal (or Two)

5 Reasons Why IT Managers Deserve a Medal (or Two) IT managers oversee the company’s IT infrastructure, ensuring that it is secure, dependable, and up to date. They wear many hats and are frequently tasked with solving a wide range of technical problems. Here are five reasons why IT managers are the unsung heroes of […]

IS4U Heroes #3 – Richard den Houdijker

Hi there! My name is Richard and I started my career at IS4U 8 years ago as an ambitious intern! During those years I gained a lot of experience. Now, I’m the team lead for the Imprivata and Delinea team. Let me take you through my IS4U journey. Dear neighbor Back in the day, I […]

How Privileged Access Management can protect your company

What is Privileged Access Management? Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an information security mechanism that allows users with the appropriate permissions – such as system administrators, IT managers and executives – to manage, control and monitor access to critical systems, networks and data.  These users, also called ‘privileged users’ or ‘privileged accounts’, have access to […]

AZ Herentals

How IS4U Helped AZ Herentals Improve Security and User Convenience in the Hospital. The healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade with an increased use of technology to manage and deliver healthcare services. As such, the need for secure and efficient access to medical applications has become a top priority for hospitals […]

3 key takeaways from the 2023 IAM Gartner Summit

3 key takeaways from the 2023 IAM Gartner Summit Recently, two of our experts from IS4U attended the 2023 Gartner IAM Summit in London. After attending over 30 insightful sessions and compelling talks, Robin Gorris and Jeffrey Van Vyve came home with a lot of interesting knowledge. The following three important takeaways they really wanted […]