Why Delinea now?


Why delinea now?
The strategic importance for C-level executives

Take a second to think about ransomware, phishing and malware. Did you know that 94% of those attacks happen by hacking into accounts and identities? And did you know that our partner, Delinea, prevents that from happening? 

In this blogpost, we’ll explain why you should consider working with Delinea to prevent any attacks on your business.

Why Healthcare needs a PAM prescription

Delinea is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions that make security seamless for the modern, hybrid enterprise. One of those modern enterprises is the healthcare industry. Here are some concerning facts:

  • “The healthcare industry has the highest volume of ransomware attacks, almost 2 times higher than the industry with the second highest volume (utilities).”
  • “The proportion of incidents caused by privilege misuse is highest in the healthcare sector, that’s 8 times the average.”
  • “Privilege misuse is the highest cause of breach, more than all other misuses combined.”
  • “Europe holds the 3rd place of highest rates of ransomware attacks, globally.”

This means that the healthcare industry is under increasing attack from external threats via privileged accounts. A great PAM partner could solve a lot of your problems. Other than that, PAM is very important for the NIS 2 directive

The NIS2 directive emphasizes the need for strict cybersecurity measures, with Privileged Access Management ranking high among the requirements. Ensuring compliance with NIS2 is not just a regulatory necessity, but a strategic importance to avoid severe penalties and reputational damage. 

Delinea’s solutions align seamlessly with NIS2 requirements, providing a comprehensive approach to securing privileged accounts and enhancing overall organizational security. Let’s take a look at the strategic, business benefits of Delinea.

The strategic benefits of Delinea

1. Quick deployment and increased productivity

There is a misconception that all PAM projects are very time consuming and expensive. Unlike traditional PAM solutions that can take months or even years to implement, Delinea ensures that organizations can be up and running within a week. This quick turnaround time not only reduces project costs but also minimizes disruption to business operations. It’s a win-win really!

Delinea is “one platform to rule them all”

If there’s any need for a new tool or application, they’ll always create one with a platform first approach. You’ll have an automatic license when you want to try something new, it’s easier for the experts to implement those new features into your business and they make sure everything is always up to date.

2. A cloud native approach

A cloud-first approach is necessary in this modern, digital environment. Organizations are increasingly transitioning to the cloud. Having a Privileged Access Management solution that is designed with the cloud in mind, is crucial, or at least something to think about. An approach like that does have some important benefits:

Cost savings:

working with a cloud native approach means working efficiently. Working efficiently means reducing costs. Reducing costs but still having a partner for maintenance, security and upgrades sounds interesting right?

Automatic updates and security patches:

Cloud solutions ensure that your organization always has the latest features and security enhancements without the need for intense labor. A new update might just be a few clicks away.

High availability and reliability: 

Delinea guarantees 99.99% uptime, equating to less than an hour of downtime annually. That hour of annual downtime is also planned and announced. This high reliability ensures that your security infrastructure is always operational, even during planned maintenance windows.

3. Managed Service Provider (MSP) integration

For organizations lacking the resources to manage PAM internally, Delinea offers the option of leveraging Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This approach allows businesses to outsource the management of their PAM solutions to experts, ensuring optimal performance and continuous security monitoring. IS4U, as an MSP partner of Delinea, can handle the entire PAM lifecycle, from deployment to ongoing management, freeing up internal resources and ensuring that your organization benefits from the latest security advancements. Did you know that IS4U was Delinea’s MSP Partner of the year?


Business wise speaking, implementing a PAM solution is essential to protect critical assets, ensure compliance, and maintain business continuity. Delinea stands out as the optimal choice with its comprehensive, cloud-native, and rapidly deployable solutions. Enhance your cybersecurity posture, meet NIS2 Directive requirements, and increase operational efficiency with Delinea.

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