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Thycotic makes enterprise-grade privilege management accessible for everyone by eliminating the need for complex security tools and prioritizing productivity, flexibility and control.

Your time and energy are too valuable to waste!

Discover, manage, provision, and delegate access to all privileged accounts from a central dashboard.

Thycotic gives you the agility to stay one step ahead. No more manual provisioning or cumbersome password management. No more combing through audit logs to create reports. You’ll be able to answer questions from executives and auditors before they are asked.

Thycotic products

Secret Server

Privileged Access Security and Password Protection.

  • Establish a Secure Vault – Store privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault.
  • Discover Privileges – Identify all service, application, administrator, and root accounts to curb sprawl and gain full view of your privileged access.
  • Manage Secrets – Provision and deprovision, ensure password complexity, and rotate credentials.
  • Delegate Access – Set up RBAC, workflow for access requests, and approvals for third parties.
  • Control Sessions – Implement session launching, proxies, monitoring, and recording.

Account Lifecycle Manager

Account Lifecycle Manager manages service accounts – non-human privileged accounts – that access services, applications, data, and network resources. By discovering hidden service accounts and understanding their purpose, you can mitigate the risk of breaches, service interruptions and human error.

  • Establish Workflow – Get started easily with a few simple steps and customizations using workflow templates.
  • Delegate Ownership – Create users, groups and roles aligned to your needs with role-based permissions.
  • Provision Service Accounts – Define workflow(s) for automated account provisioning and set required approvals for each type of request.
  • Enforce Governance – Create accountability and ownership over your service accounts.
  • Decommission Service Accounts – Send automated notifications when accounts should be renewed, re-approved or even deleted.

Privileged Behavior Analytics

Detect anomalies in privileged account behavior so you can take action before a cyber threat becomes a cyber catastrophe.

  • Establish Baselines – Understand typical behavior patterns for privileged accounts so you can detect red flags.
  • Monitor and Identify – Monitor privileged accounts, view and prioritize activity in custom dashboards.
  • Identify and Alert – Identify and confirm suspicious activity and alert incident response teams.
  • Take Action – Rotate credentials, force MFA, or require approvals to contain the impact of an attack.

Privilege Manager

Stop malware and ransomware from exploiting applications by removing local administrative rights from endpoints.

  • Deploy a Single Agent – Discover application usage with admin rights, even on non-domain machines.
  • Define Flexible Policies – Whitelisting, blacklisting, and greylisting determines trusted applications and processes.
  • Manage & Remove Local Admin Rights – Determine which accounts are members of any local group, including system administrators.
  • Elevate Applications – Allow trusted applications to run, block or sandbox others, all while maintaining a least privilege model.
  • Improve Productivity – People automatically access apps and systems they need; helpdesk tickets decrease.
  • Try Before You Buy – Experience the benefits of endpoint privilege management for free.

Connection Manager

Manage and interact with multiple remote sessions for both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH in a unified environment.

  • Remote Access: Launch and configure sessions across multiple environments
  • Session Management: Credentials automatically injected into sessions as needed
  • Centralized Control: Access a single interface to manage and interact with sessions
  • Session Recording: Create an end to end record of privileged user access
  • Tracking and Auditing: Provide an audit trail to demonstrate compliance

DevOps Secrets Vault

Centrally manage passwords used to access applications and services without causing friction in the development process

See how DevOps Secrets Vault helps you protect privileges and reduce secret sprawl across your cloud attack surface:

  • Establish a Secure DevOps Vault – Store privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault.
  • Centralize Secrets – Eliminate the risk of disparate vault instances.
  • Enforce Access – Provide auditable management and enforcement of secrets access.
  • Connect All Tools – Allow flexibility with a platform-agnostic solution that integrates with DevOps and robotic process automation (RPA) tools.
  • Automatically Scale – Manage passwords and other secrets at the speed and scale of DevOps pipelines and RPA deployments.

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