About Auth0

Auth0 offers a universal Authentication and Authorization Platform as a Service for web, mobile and legacy applications, so you don't have to build it yourself. Register an Auth0 tenant and instantly reap the benefits of Identity as a service:

  • Single Sign On: let your users log into multiple applications just once by following some simple steps
  • Social Login: allow your end users to use existing login information from their favorite social network provider
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: provide enhanced security to your mission-critical applications
  • Reliable & Scalable: if users can't login, they can't do anything. Auth0 offers a guaranteed SLA no matter how big your user base
  • User centric: Auth0’s widget gives you a fully customizable, enterprise-ready login/registration box
  • Device agnostic: user authentication and authorization is managed consistently across the user’s device of choice.
  • Extensible: Auth0 allows you to fully customize any stage of the authentication and authorization pipeline to adapt to your use cases
  • Flexible: the web, mobile and native platforms of your preference is supported through a comprehensible SDK
  • Cloud hybrid: Auth0 runs on-premise and in the cloud, allowing you to choose which option is right for your business
  • Analytics: powerful reporting & analytics for better and faster decision-making

Using Auth0, your goals are achieved in a cost-efficient manner, making use of industry standards and security best practices.


The Auth0 partnerships strengthens the IS4U service portfolio with cutting edge technology on a reliable platform.

IS4U can act as:

  • Auth0 reseller: we provide you the subscription
  • Auth0 integrator: we solve your business case
  • Auth0 managed service provider: we manage your identity as a service

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Live webinar in partnership with Auth0 - Modern Digital Identity: How to WOW your customers with a good first impression

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More information can be found on the Auth0 website