IGA healthcare package

This IGA healthcare package is created to give hospitals the opportunity to implement an IGA tool at a reasonable price. Hospitals need automation and compliance of privileges. This package helps with the first step towards a compliant infrastructure.

What is IGA?

IGA combines entitlement discovery, decision-making processes, access review and certification with identity lifecycle and role management. IGA operates in the intersection of business process management and access automation allowing people and systems to communicate with each other, fulfilling day-to-day operational needs. More information about IGA can be found here.

Why should I invest in Healthcare Identity and governance software?

  • Offload IT department: reduce the daily workload of your IT employees
  • Compliancy: be compliant with the difficult and complex Belgian regulations
  • Self-Care: reduce the amount of service desk calls


Below you can find an interesting webinar about the subject where we will talk about:

  • Automation in IT management of employees
  • Enforcement and management of consent
  • Demonstrate compliance and remediate when needed

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