IS4U and Nynox are happy to announce they will host one of the challenges during "The Heist" Hackathon.

Do you really think that hacking into the vault is just a simple single hack? Sure, why don’t you push the big red “Hack the Gibson” button over there...

You will need to acquire in depth information about the internal workings of the Vault. Find the vulnerabilities in every single one of the vault’s components. We mean, what’s the point of privilege escalation if you don’t even have a shell, right?

How are you going to find all of this? Simple, use your smarts. You will need to break into multiple smaller targets first. This city and banks are built on ancient ruins, interconnected by barely functioning tunnels.

We have prepared a map which shows you which ancient rooms are below the essential buildings.

What is the challenge?

In these rooms you will find a plethora of challenges, when you finish all the challenges in a room, we will be able to drill up and start our bigger hacks.

Do know that you guys aren’t the only ones looking for these secrets... The winner takes it all...

More information and registration on the Hack The Future website!