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What you can’t see you can’t protect. Therefore it is important to scan you network to gain visibility, locate all credentials and uncover vulnerabilities within your network.

Request your CyberArk DNA™ scan today and take the next step toward an improved security! You will receive a detailed privileged access risk assessment at no cost!

The vast majority of breaches involve privileged access.

CyberArk DNA provides organizations with visibility into the true scope of privileged account risks, enabling them to quantify risk and take the first step towards mitigation.

Let's scan your network to make sure your network will not be the victim of cybercrime!

Scan your network with CyberArk DNA to:

Gain visibility

Locate privileged accounts on-premises, in the cloud, and in DevOps environments.

Locate credentials

Identify all privileged credentials, such as passwords, SSH keys, passwords hashes, AWS access keys and more.

Uncover Vulnerabilities

Identify machines vulnerable to credential theft attacks and assess privileged access security risks.


The insights gained from CyberArk DNA enable organizations to:

1. Accurately assess privileged account risks.

Gain full visibility into high-risk accounts, credentials and users in traditional, AWS, and DevOps environments. Initial DNA scans can provide a baseline of privileged account risk, and subsequent scans can help quantify risk reduction over time.

2. Quickly uncover risks and vulnerabilities on-premises and in the cloud.

Fast, accurate reporting on privileged account information enables organizations to immediately pinpoint unknown or improperly managed accounts and act quickly to address any issues.

3. Identify high-risk systems in public cloud environments.

Uncover systems in AWS environments that have unresolved risks, and use this insight to better protect applications and data that run on these systems.

4. Create a prioritized project plan to effectively reduce risk.

Use the information learned from a DNA scan to identify high, medium and low-risk accounts, and build a phased, manageable project plan to address the highest risks first.

5. Build a business case for privileged account security.

Identity valuable assets and data that are exposed to privileged account risks, and quantify the risk of failed audits due to non-compliant accounts. Measure the potential business impact of unmanaged and compromised accounts, and use this information to request budget and resources.

CyberArk - DNA Scan Datasheet


CyberArk - DNA Scan Datasheet - What you can’t see you can’t protect

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Request your CyberArk DNA scan now at no cost