About IdentIT

IdentIT, powered by IS4U, is the new and dedicated global implementation partner of Forgerock. We deliver services, customizations and best practice implementations of the entire ForgeRockIdentity Stack.

IdentIT is one of the few ForgeRock partners worldwide that has obtained the ForgeRock Mentor status. This reflects the high level of commitment and years of experience. We are officially a ForgeRock accredited delivery partner.

The IdentIT story

Currently, IdentIT counts as the most accredited ForgeRock partner worldwide and was the first ForgeRock partner who obtained accreditation for the IDM product stack. Furthermore, we have accredited experts among which some also have the mentor status. The mentor status is reserved for the very best accredited engineers who’ll consistently assist and mentor customers within all aspects of the project lifecycle, from requirements gathering to performance tuning as well as delivering professional services on behalf of ForgeRock.


IS4U proposes a solution using ForgeRock AM. This is an open source Access Management product based on the discontinued openSSO platform by SUN. ForgeRock AM has been around for several years and is supported by a large community.

It is used as a platform to create Single Sign On, authentication and authorization between different web applications. It also incorporates federation protocols including OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0.

This platform delivers a lot of functionality out of the box that is needed for the proposed solution. ForgeRock AM is also flexible enough to allow customization through development.


Your identity platform is only as good as its foundation, “Identity done right” gets done wrong without a rock-solid directory to store and access all that identity data.

ForgeRock Directory Service is a Java based LDAP directory server that was designed from the beginning for massive scale. A high-performance, high availability, web-scale directory that delivers throughput in the tens-of-thousands of logins per second to fuel organizations, with the power needed for day – and tomorrow’s – digital transformation.


ForgeRock’s Identity Gateway is a simple, standards-based approach to extend access to web applications, application programming interfaces (APIs), and devices and things.

It’s a perfect complement to the ForgeRock’s Access Management system or as a stand-alone gateway, the Identity Gateway, part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, provides a flexible policy enforcement point to support your current environment while migrating towards a modern, standards-based platform. So you can connect digital assets across your ecosystem, with minimal-to-no changes.

More information about IdentIT can be found on their website